Console Table DIY!

I recently decided to take on a minor DIY project in the form of a small console table.  While searching online, I stumbled across this cute little table by Safavieh.  I thought it would be perfect for a little alcove adjacent to the powder room and couldn't wait for it to arrive!  As soon as I unpacked it, I realized that "vintage gray" was looking very purple against the green undertones of the wall paint.  The burnished gold frame was a special gift from my brother that I turned into a mirror a couple years ago.  As you can see, it just wasn't working when paired with the table in this color...

Purple + green = not the color combo I was going for

I then embarked on what I thought would be a quick sanding and repainting (ha!).  Let's just say I learned a thing or two about the actual amount of time that it takes to refinish a piece of furniture.  My husband even had a good laugh when he got home from a golf game and found me in the backyard, mask on, going to town on the new table with my friend's rotary sander.  It turns out I didn't need to remove ALL of the purple/gray paint in order to effectively cover the piece in my new color of choice.  Oh well, we can chalk that up to lessons learned. 

A couple coats of a creamy white semi-gloss later and voila!  We now have a brand new and somewhat customized piece that coordinates much better with the neutral palette of the room!


Lamp / Monogram Letter / Owl / Tree Candle (similar) / Table (similar) / Mirror (custom)